soft-pic-smallSusan Waterman, Ph.D. — Editing to Excellence

In addition to a decade of editing and writing experience, I bring a broad range of professional and personal perspective into the editing process: a Ph.D. in botany and several years as a research scientist, including technical writing; ten years of sustainable farming and environmental advocacy; eight years of living and studying in India; and a lifetime passion for reading and writing.

My editing clients include nonfiction and fiction authors, academics and business professionals producing website material, business owners creating manuals and how-to books, graduate students in the thesis-writing stage, and several nonprofit organizations.

I accept copyediting in all genres, fiction and nonfiction, as well as memoir. Your book will be ready—in excellent shape—for an agent or publisher. For content editing (developmental and substantive), I prefer to work in nonfiction, especially topics related to sustainable living, nature and environment, social justice, spirituality, health and wellness, and personal development. For memoir and fiction, my strength is developmental editing focusing on the story arc and copyediting focusing on voice and style.

For editing to be a successful endeavor, I look for a compatible resonance between myself and the author, with the subject matter, and with the author’s purpose. My intention for editorial assistance is to help the writer create the best, most excellent, work possible.

I offer a free two-hour consultation by phone or in person for serious prospective clients. Contact me by email at or by phone at 505-699-9917 (cell). I live and work in Port Townsend, Washington.