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What Your Editor Should Tell You

What Your Editor Should Tell You

1) The editing process may be most successful if you select an editor who likes your subject and resonates with your purpose. Not every editor may be suited for your work.

2) It is not the editor’s job to tell you whether your book will be a success, or not. Editors don’t have a special crystal ball.

3) Begin the editing process after you have completed at least a couple of drafts, unless you are beginning your project with developmental editing.

4) Don’t hesitate to tell your editor what you want the reader to “take away” from reading your book. This information will assist the editor in helping you to meet your intention.

5) An editor is not a ghostwriter, unless ghostwriting is part of your agreement.

6) Be prepared for feedback and honest critique. Prompts will be most useful if they are challenging. Don’t take any of it personally!

7) During developmental editing, which covers the big picture around content, major reworking may be at hand. If you disagree with the editor’s suggestions, speak up so that you can work together in a new direction.

8) Take time with your revisions, especially when you are revising content.

9) Incorporate suggested developmental edits before copyediting your work. The final step of editing after the design stage should be proofreading.

10) Working with the editor is the best way to improve your writing. You won’t learn by having the editor do all the work for you.

Love is a Legal Affair

“Congratulations to Maxine Davenport whose  latest book, Love is a Legal Affair, is the winner of the 2016 Gold Medal for Popular Literature Fiction Award in the Dan Poynter Global Ebook contest. In addition to its presence on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Nobel, the book may be found locally at Op Cit bookstore. The book was launched in Santa Fe at the Jean Cocteau Theater this summer. You will find a selection from the book at”

Oaf in Ophir by Dan Linsteadt Released!

 It’s always a pleasure to congratulate an author client when their book is published and out on the market!  Dan’s heartwarming story of a mysterious Oaf living in the woods near Emory’s grandmother brings the magic of nature right to you, just as the Oaf brought this magic to Emory and his little sister Faye.  Tantalizing encounters happen between the Oaf and the children as Emory and Faye discover their own gifts of magic with the plants, trees, and wildlife.

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